Linda Whiting


Linda Whiting aged 65 Linda, ran a very successful Bed and Breakfast business in Southwold for 15 years, hosting mostly holidaymakers. Running the business took an awful lot of Linda’s time and energy, and when she sold it she was 55 years old and decided at that time that she needed to do something to keep herself busy and active. She was concerned she might start gaining weight plus she wanted something to get her out of the house and socialise.

So to start with she went to Keep Fit classes, which is where she met Jane, the organiser from the Southwold great Run Local. Linda had never run before, had never been sporty at all, so when Jane asked her to come and try the run on a Sunday morning, Linda was a little apprehensive to say the least. But she needn’t have worried. She loved it from the start. Linda says “the best thing for me is the camaraderie within the group. everyone cheering and supporting you,however, slow or fast you are, and we all help with the volunteering as well, it’s just brilliant, and i’m so glad i did it.” Linda was also amazed by how addictive running has become for her and she misses it so much when she doesn’t make it for any reason. as well as feeling so much better in herself, fitter and more mobile, Linda has also seen some significant improvements in her health.

She had pleurisy over the Christmas period, but recovered so quickly and during her most recent health check, her blood pressure was lower, her weight was lower and importantly so was her cholesterol. the nurse doing this health check asked Linda what she had been doing recently, because whatever it was, it had made a real difference to these results. also Linda points out “ I’m the youngest of nine children and all of my brothers and sisters are on some sort of medication for conditions including heart disease, diabetes and blood pressure. I’m the only one who isn’t on medication, and I’m the only one who is active”

Linda now works a couple of days a week in the chemist in the high street, and she loves chatting with so many local people about the great Run Local when they come in. She says “We all share stories and times and encourage each other, it’s wonderful” Linda loves her new found energy levels and although she’s someone who will give anything a go, she really notices that her mobility is much better than a lot of her peers, and this must be down to the running.

Linda has progressed so much that she’s now completed three 10k runs including the Adnams 10K and the Newham 10K around the Olympic Park in Stratford. She commented “It was an amazing hot day but i will remember it for a long time. I finished in 1 hour 40 minutes and to see my name come up on the screen in the Olympic Park is unforgettable”

When she goes to Yorkshire to see Family she even goes for a run with her son in law and grandson up there and all three of them ran around Centre Parcs whilst on a family holiday. Finally Linda admits “I hate missing one single week, and despite the fact that i’m almost always last, I don’t care, I still enjoy myself, and the group give me so much encouragement, I still feel exhilarated”


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